jonnie-1Hi, I’m Jonnie Rocket, I’m a Galactic Adventurer…

Imagine a bicycle that morphs into a rocket.
Imagine a watch that folds time.
Imagine discovering new worlds,
Other galaxies and strange life forms.

Battle with space pirates,
Encounter aliens and meet mystical creatures.
Excitement awaits and danger looms.
Zoom into the world of JONNIE ROCKET…

The world of Jonnie Rocket holds no bounds

My adventures and missions take me to far-reaching expanses of the universe.

Worlds within worlds; galaxies upon galaxies. With every newborn star there is another place to explore.

Is there enough time for meto discover all?  Aliens, monsters, mystical creatures, space pirates and much, much more.

With Dr Avatar working through me, the journeys are endless.

Back on earth I am brought up in a normal family with my Mum, Dad and Grandma.

I go to school every day with my friends, and enjoy the company of my special friend Sophia.

The world of Jonnie Rocket is a world full of adventure and total freedom; a world we can all dream of.

But, through our imaginations, it’s a world we can all experience.

Stop off at the Kids Zone where you can play some fun games. Have a go at the Jonnie Rocket Quiz or maybe even write your own Jonnie Rocket Adventure! Mums and Dads you have your very own area. Find out how story sacks, picnics and puppets can help to encourage early reading.

To encourage children to have self-belief

The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket book series availableThrough Jonnie Rocket, children can become adventurers, opening their minds to the wonders of the universe, and the endless possibilities that lie beyond our solar system.

The goal of the Jonnie Rocket series is to encourage children to have self-belief, and to open their minds to creative thoughts.

Jonnie Rocket can unlock every child’s imagination!

Jonnie Rocket is an ordinary boy, who is centred and grounded.

He is non-confrontational, non-violent, and has total self-belief, but in a quietly confident non-arrogant way.

Through the heroic character of Jonnie Rocket, children can experience the challenging moral dilemmas of every-day life, but in an exciting, entertaining, adventurous way.

Every space adventure and earthly mission carried out by Jonnie has an underlying moral story.

We believe that every child has the potential to become ‘Jonnie Rocket’.

So thanks again for landing here, I hope you find your space break an exciting one … and enjoy your trip through Jonnie Rocket’s world!