Introducing Jonnie Rocket, Galactic Adventurer!

Super Hero Jonnie Rocket strives for a better world.

With a variety of inspirational and moral lessons he guides the minds of young Rocketeers.

Imagine a bicycle that morphs into a rocket! Imagine a watch that folds time...
Imagine discovering new worlds: other galaxies and strange life forms!

Battle with space pirates, encounter aliens, and meet mystical creatures!
Excitement awaits and danger looms: zoom into the world of JONNIE ROCKET…

The world of Jonnie Rocket holds no bounds!

My adventures and missions take me to far-reaching expanses of the universe...
Worlds within worlds; galaxies upon galaxies! With every newborn star there is another place to explore!
Is there enough time for me to discover it all?  Aliens, monsters, mystical creatures, space pirates and much, much more!
With Dr Avatar working through me, the journeys are endless...
Back on earth, I am brought up in a normal family with my Mum, Dad and Grandma.
I go to school every day with my friends, and enjoy the company of my special friend Sophia.
The world of Jonnie Rocket is a world full of adventure and total freedom; a world we can all dream of.
But, through our imaginations, it’s a world we can all experience!




About The Books


Aim: To encourage children to have self-belief

'The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket' book series is available through Jonnie Rocket. Here children can become adventurers, opening their minds to the wonders of the universe, and the endless possibilities that lie beyond our solar system.

The goal of the Jonnie Rocket series is to encourage children to have self-belief, and to open their minds to creative thoughts.
Jonnie Rocket can unlock every child’s imagination!

Jonnie Rocket is an ordinary boy, who is centred and grounded.

He is non-confrontational, non-violent, and has total self-belief, but in a quietly confident, non-arrogant way.

Through the heroic character of Jonnie Rocket, children can experience the challenging moral dilemmas of every-day life, but within an exciting, entertaining, adventurous story.

Every space adventure and earthly mission carried out by Jonnie has an underlying moral story.

We believe that every child has the potential to become ‘Jonnie Rocket’.

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The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket - Original

This book, the original, is a sprint through a child’s imagination. The drawings explode onto the pages and draw the reader in...

The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket - Saga 1

Once more Dr Avatar has called upon Jonnie Rocket. This time his mission is to save the ‘Ride of Terror’... Will he succeed?

The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket - Saga 2

Jonnie crashes on Planet Cranium and has a really exciting adventure with the Space Lobes! Can Jonnie get back home safely..?

The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket - Saga 3

Dr Avatar sends Jonnie to Sargoss, which is facing an ecological disaster of devastating proportions! Can he survive the universe?

The Author - John Chapman

As a young boy, the wonder of the universe and a love of cycling were always close to John’s heart.

Growing up in the 1960’s John began to form the first concepts of an idea through his strong imagination and creative role-playing. He dreamt of rocketships and space adventures, and was passionate about his bicycle and the escapism it gave him. Therefore it was no surprise that in 1998 John had the idea for his imaginary character Jonnie Rocket.

With the creation of this character firmly embedded in John’s imagination, he spent the next two years formulating the idea; compiling the draft of his first book ‘The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket’ in the year 2000. He wrote this initial book as a scripted storyboard, with the aim of animating the character of Jonnie Rocket as a DVD series.

John has since created a collection of stories, centred on ‘The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket’, twelve of which will be published in book form.

As part of John’s imaginary space adventure, it was with some irony, that in 1976, he found himself with a brief appearance as an X-Wing Pilot in Star Wars (A New Hope), living out the dream of a space adventurer through the most iconic sci-film of all time!

Bringing Jonnie Rocket to life after four decades is John Chapman’s dream…




Jonnie Rocket - Schools and Parents

schools1The character of Jonnie Rocket can be used across many areas of the national curriculum, including language and literacy, science, history, geography, ICT and design technology.

The books encourage early reading at home and at school, giving your child a great start!

The ethos of Jonnie Rocket is to encourage all children to have self-belief and self-confidence; and to motivate them to express their own creative abilities.

If you’d like to see how Jonnie Rocket can assist you in your school, please check out the Schools page.

Reading for Boys

It is well documented that boys are generally less inclined to read than girls, preferring more active pleasures such as cycling, kicking a ball and running around for entertainment. For many boys reading is an obstacle to academic success. In addition to the fact that many boys find it harder to learn to read, they are also lacking in motivation to do so. For many boys who are struggling to read as they move up through their primary years, they are provided with books that have a story which is too young for them, aimed at early readers and therefore not sustaining their interest.

Research suggests that boys who are offered reading material that they enjoy, are more likely to be hooked into the world of reading and want to do it more. Boys want to lose themselves in the imaginary world of superheroes, space and adventure. Encouraging boys to read books about these subjects will inevitably lead them to want to find more of the same, developing their literacy skills whilst providing pleasure.

Star Wars X-Wing Pilot

johnchapmanHi…! I’m John Chapman, Red 12, Drifter in ‘Star Wars – A New Hope’.

In late 1975 my agent asked me to work on a film called ‘Star Wars’. Little did I know that this film would go on to be one of the most icon films of all time! My claim to fame is that I was there! I appeared in a film that started the greatest movie series of all time! I feel very privileged to have worked with George Lucas and the great members of the cast. There was a wonderful sense of camaraderie on set, and we all sensed the magic of what was evolving. I am truly grateful for being part of this amazing experience.

Elstree 1976


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