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Super Hero Jonnie Rocket strives for a better world.

With a variety of inspirational and moral lessons he guides the minds of young Rocketeers.

A Valuable Teaching Resource

Find out how the Jonnie Rocket series of books can be used in the classroom with support for teachers, information and teaching resources.

Jonnie Rocket books - valuable reading resourcesReading is a skill whose importance cannot be over estimated.  The ability to read fluently has far reaching consequences for a child’s ability to access the school curriculum in almost all subject areas.  Pupils who love reading will thrive by conducting independent research, engaging with fictional texts in literacy lessons, whilst using their own reading to inspire the creation of new and exciting pieces of writing.

Yet, there are so many children who are unable to read and for whom there is limited motivation to pick up a book and try.

Research continues to raise the issue of boys’ reading attainment and the clear evidence that many reluctant readers in the primary years are indeed boys.  It is no surprise when we look at alternative options – most boys would rather engage in a practical science activity than battling through a fictional text followed by a reading comprehension task.  As teachers it is important that we provide access to books which will excite boys in the classroom, engaging them in reading and enabling them to access great stories.

Jonnie Rocket - early reading for boys‘The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket’ is a book, written in vibrant comic book style, rendering it perfect for boy’s reading material.  The stories are exciting boys’ adventures with Jonnie heading off to explore the world of space.   Boys are motivated by the concept of their bicycle changing into a rocket and zooming into space; fantastic stimulus for further creative writing!

Jonnie Rocket as a Role Model for Children

In a world where children’s television and literature has become obsessed with violence and destruction, it is refreshing to find a children’s story character that is adventurous without the need for aggression.

Jonnie is a young boy who learns to conquer fears and develop his own sense of self belief.  As such, he is a role model for many children who suffer the same sense of personal doubt in the classroom.  Jonnie’s self confidence is an ideal way to encourage discussion about big issues in the primary classroom.

How would Jonnie have felt when he was on his adventure?

Why would the Fear Rockets affect Jonnie?

When are we in similar situations?

At which point does Jonnie manage to defeat Captain Downfall?

These are all issues which can provoke thoughtful discussion.

Arrange an Author Visit

If you would like to arrange a Jonnie Rocket author visit to your school please contact John Chapman, the author via the contact form.

John Chapman has a current Enhanced Level DBS Disclosure which is available upon request.



Renaissance Learning


All the Jonnie Rocket books have been quizzed, listed and reviewed on the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Book reader service. Follow the links below

Renaissance Learning provides cloud-based assessment, teaching and learning programmes to almost 4,500 schools across the UK & Ireland.

Original Book  |  Saga 1  |  Saga 2  |  Saga 3

Workshops for Schools


John Chapman’s School visits are tailored to the individual requirements of schools, so please contact us to talk about your workshop.

Popular workshops include:

Author’s Workshop:

This workshop focuses on John as an Author.

Through a series of interactive activities, John will help the children to understand the writing process; including his personal inspiration, how he created his characters, structuring the plot and the publishing process.

This workshop results in the children becoming authors. Story writing activities can be adapted to suit individual pupil abilities and can be linked to Literacy Framework units.


Literacy Workshop:

John has created a literacy workshop, through which the character of Jonnie Rocket inspires and encourages children to design their own comic strip.

Through the use of story-telling, story mountains, storyline structures and the development of the comic strip itself, children will be encouraged to create their own character and formulise the start of their own graphic novel.

The workshop helps to develop children’s creative imaginations, and language and literacy skills.

Space Workshop:

John is an avid space enthusiast and this workshop focuses on Space as a theme.

Through the use of film, story, drama and music, John will help children to become space explorers!

This workshop has a literary focus but can be linked to Science topics if desired.

General review of the books by a teacher

To many children, reading a book can be a daunting task. Block text can appear intimidating, making it more of a chore than a pleasure to read for some young people. I often describe it as like trying to eat a baguette - it needs to be cut into small, bite-sized chunks before it can be happily consumed. That is the beauty of the Jonnie Rocket design; the text is simple, clearly presented and easy to follow for children who are transitioning from readers to more complex literature.

The author introduces some advanced vocabulary in a way that the reader can easily deduce its meaning from the context of the sentence or eye-catching, accompanying images. This is a proven and effective way of learning and remembering new words. Teachers know that dry-learning vocabulary is very limited in its effectiveness, but when children learn to figure out the meanings of words themselves, they are more readily absorbed.

The use of exciting adjectives, colourful verbs and sound-effects encourage children to become more creative with their own language.

On a pastoral level, the Jonnie Rocket series explores important moral, social and ecological topics in an engaging and inspiring way, at a time when readers will be investigating these themes at school. The ability to understand the issues and resolutions being encountered by a literary character and transposing them to other situations is a skill encouraged by teachers as it fosters empathy and a wider understanding of the world.

I would recommend the Jonnie Rocket series for students from year 6 (or more advanced year 5), due to some of the more complex vocabulary. Or for academic reading level Entry 3+.

Rachel Flynn Delargy - Teacher
Newbury, Berkshire

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